Student Reviews

Here's what students say about Arkansas Defensive Driving:

Taking this course was much more convenient for me due to my responsibilities of running a business, going to school and being a mother of two. Thank you.
— T.J.

For frequent business travelers like myself, I would never have been able to physically attend a traditional classroom traffic school. Thanks for being there for us!
— R.M.

I found that I paid more to attention to this. I was really able to focus on the laws and driving safety tips much more readily. I didn't get tired from being in class all day. Those classroom traffic schools are like prison. Very good course. Thank you.
— B.T.

Your program allowed me to work at night from home and saved me valuable time and energy. It was at least as informative as a regular traffic school my husband attended 10 years ago.
— L.R.

Great program... thanks a lot!
— O.K.

I would definitely recommend this home study program to a friend.
— J.S.

I will be a better driver as a result of this program.
— E.C.

Well set-up website — great design!
— A.O.

This class was very informative and beneficial. Thanks!
— P.U.

I found this method of study more valuable than attending a traditional traffic school.
— H.W.

This was much more informative than classroom traffic school. I actually learned quite a bit I didn't know and was able to do it at my own pace. Being able to do this at my own pace made me more interested in learning instead of just wanting to get done with it!
— J.K.

The website was extremely easy to access.
— Q.O.

This online program has really helped me because of my work schedule. I work 7 days a week and found the online testing convenient. Thank you!
— A.L.

I think an internet course like yours is a far better method of training. Attending a class usually is boring and tiring which affects your ability to comprehend the material. The internet allows you the flexibility to learn at your own pace.
— M.V.